What is a Promo Code ?

Regularly a voucher code consists of different numbers or letters. Retailers use them to generate more sales. Almost every online store provides a little discount field in their shopping cart. Just copy and paste the voucher code found to that field and save money!


Can anyone use a code?

Occasionally an offer will have restrictions, so we will show these clearly. In most cases, justfind your favourite retailers, find the best offers, and start shopping!


Are the promotion codes for free?

Yes they are. There’s nothing more to add.


How often are new codes and offers added to the site?

Hundreds of retailers use promo codes, and think up new offers, so codes and offers are added to the site virtually every day. Several new retailers appear each week so you should check regularly and sign up to our newsletter to see if one of your favourite retailers is running an offer currently.


Where do these codes come from?

Codes are supplied by retailers who would like to attract extra custom to their websites. Retailers make the codes available through carefully selected shopping code sites like Couponata.com


Is the site free to use?

Yes, the site is provided as a service to shoppers absolutely free of charge. The site earns its living from incentives from retailers who appear on the site, and from advertising. Can I use the code more than once? That also depends on the store. Sometimes you can use a code as often as you wish, sometimes a code is only valid for one purchase. You will always find that information right next to the code.


Can I combine codes in order to save even more money?

Sometimes even that is possible. If there is no information about that on our site, you might want to just try it out.


How long does a promo code last?

That depends. You will find the expiring date underneath the promo code.


How can I find out about the best Deals?

If you sign up to our free weekly newsletter we will make sure to tell you about each week's best offers.We will trawl through the hundreds on offer and present the hand-picked best offers on the market.In any case, all offers will appear on our site.